a. Our straws and cutlery are certified biodegradable, which means it doesn't need to go to compost.
Just throw them in a trash container and the microbial load will be responsible for starting the biodegradation process.
a. Yes, our products are certified ASTM and USDA Biodegradable. These complies with relevant international standards, such as:
i. ASTM D5511: USA Guarantees Biodegradability.
ii. ASTM 6866: USA Guarantees the Vegetable or Biological content.
iii. ISO DIS15985: International Guarantees Biodegradability.
a. Our products are made from the residues of vegetable fibers, mainly from agave, rice and pine.
a. Yes, these are gluten-free and allergen-friendly given that we use the fibers, and not the edible part of the ingredient.
a. You can confidently throw it away in the trash. Our technology is designed so that when the straws get to the landfill, where there is a high microbial load the biodegradation process kicks into high gear.
a. You can expect full biodegradation in roughly 24 -36 months, depending on the microbial load.
a. Our products are one-time use. However, given to its stability and non-soggy property, you can use the straw several times. The biodegradation process starts by day 40 once it gets in contact with any liquid. we do not recommend you use the product multiple times.
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