Do you want to have a positive impact on others, the world, and future generations, but feel the alternatives before you are overwhelming? News and social media make it seem so easy, like mobilizing funds and people were a piece of cake. However, you don’t need to establish a foundation or movement to contribute to a better world. We invite you to take one practical step to become an agent of change: purchase biodegradable disposables.

Unwrapped Biodegradable Straws, Made of Vegetable Fibers, Non-soggy, Long-Lasting, All-Natural, Eco-Friendly, Bio-Based & ASTM Approved, Best Alternative to Plastic & Paper Straws

A biodegradable disposable is for example our veggie straws, which you’ll likely use once and then throw away, but since they are made from non-toxic materials they are safe for both you and the environment. Everything we throw away has an impact on our lives, even if we can’t see it. You can confidently discard our all-natural straws, made of cellulose-rich vegetable fibers, knowing they are 100% biodegradable. 

Trash can end up in rivers and oceans and generate toxic fumes, which can translate into disastrous public health and safety issues. The amount of waste you create matters, especially when you get a glimpse of the bigger picture: your garbage + your neighbors’ garbage + your city’s garbage + your country’s garbage, and so on. Picking biodegradable disposables is an environmentally friendly choice that can be shared with and learned by anyone. 

You know our vegetable fiber straws are truly biodegradable straws made from sustainable materials thanks to the USDA Certified Biobased product label, our ASTM and ISO international certifications, and FDA approval. Our straws are not biodegradable just because we say they are, but because they have undergone all the necessary tests and evaluations to be deemed so by State and international organizations. Make sure to look for these labels the next time you are at the supermarket buying drinking straws or any other product of your choice.

Biodegradable Straws and Stirrers, Made of Vegetable Fibers, Non-soggy, Long-Lasting, All-Natural, Eco-Friendly, Bio-Based & ASTM Approved, Best Alternative to Plastic & Paper Straws

There is no offset between quality and being an agent of change when you buy a veggie straw, making them an ideal alternative to paper or plastic straws. Plastic waste isn’t biodegradable, polluting the planet for hundreds of years, threatening our health, planet, and climate. Just as devastating, paper production drives deforestation, produces air, water, and land pollution, and also entails significant waste problems worldwide. It’s a no-brainer: say NO to plastic and paper, and YES to biodegradable disposables. Start contributing to positive change with our veggie straws.

Our veggie straws are starting a new trend: they are eco-friendly and durable, whether you’re having a cold or hot drink; they won’t affect your drink’s taste; and knowing they are a biodegradable disposable will give you a feel-good experience. You will completely forget about the straw and be able to fully enjoy your drink and company.