Be Drastic: Quit One-Use Plastic Straws

There is nothing better than the sun on your skin, the smell of nature and life, and a refreshing swim at the beach. What if suddenly you felt your leg get entangled on something plastic? With one motion, you would probably easily remove it. However, this happens to fish, turtles, seabirds, and many other marine animals all the time, but they can’t untangle themselves. Even worse, they sometimes ingest it. Start reversing and rescuing our seas by ditching plastic straws and switching to The Veggie Straws.
For our marine ecosystems, plastic is synonymous with danger and death. Plastic drinking straws harm animals much more than you probably realize. They can perforate or suffocate them. According to National Geographic, there are around 8.3 billion plastic straws littering beaches worldwide and they represent 2.5% of all the plastic in our oceans. Now is your chance to make a difference and choose an alternative to plastic straws. Quit one-use plastic straws and try our sustainable, eco-friendly straws!
Our vegetable fiber straws are 100% biodegradable, certified by USDA BioBased, ASTM, ISO International, and approved by the FDA. With our straws you will never have to worry about another turtle getting a straw stuck in their nose or about straw microplastics poisoning other marine wildlife. Not only will you be making a conscientiously environmentally friendly decision, but you will be able to enjoy your cold or hot drinks all night long. Who would have guessed that sustainable materials are sturdy and reliable?
Our straws don’t get soggy, disintegrate, nor make your drink taste funny. You won’t have pieces of straw in your mouth nor be stressed because your straw suddenly became a flatten pasta stick you have to forcefully suck your drink through. Another advantage of our straws, especially amid this scary pandemic, is that since it’s a biodegradable disposable, they are meant to be used only once. Vegetable fiber is a fully biodegradable composite, so you won’t have to worry if you drop or lose your Veggie Straw.
Preserving ocean life is essential to human life, and although it will probably take centuries to remove all the plastic we have already dumped into our oceans, it will only take you a second, one choice, to stop the proliferation of one-use plastic straws and avoid them from reaching any marine life. Your choices can help raise awareness and persuade others to make similar ones, so don’t hesitate, buy The Veggie Straws and follow us on Instagram @the.veggie.straws and fight climate change with every fun sip. By buying our straws you will be taking a stand against plastic waste and pollution.